Pinnacle Strategy President


Victor Gomez, President

Victor Gomez is a northern California native with a wealth of experience in local, state and federal policy. A native of Hollister, California, Victor has served as Mayor of Hollister and two terms as a City Council member. 

In addition, Victor served as President of the League of California Cities - Monterey Bay Chapter, advocating for sound policy at the state level. He understands the needs of local elected officials giving him the inside edge on navigating through the labyrinth of local government. 

Victor spent a number of years as a legislative staffer for the City of San Jose both as Deputy Chief of Staff for Council Member Johnny Khamis and Chief of Staff to Vice Mayor Magdalena Carrasco.

Victor's political roots run deep. Both his father and grandfather served as Mayor's along with Victor's older brother, who served as Mayor of Glendale, California.